LSI Logic's PMON SDK for MIPS Processors

Version pjb5.4.7
Apr 28, 1999

The above version number refers to the entire SDK. Each component of the package also has its own version number. This allows you to identify which components have been changed since the last release.

The documentation for this package is available as hard copy, or electronically off the World Wide Web. You can either simply refer to the latest online documentation via our Web site, or you can refer to your own local copy.


Revision History

This release contains the following additions/enhancements:

This release supports:

4101, Dcam revE, 4011 revD, 64008, 64364, Rap
GHS 1.8.8/9, Algorithmics sde3, Cygnus 970730, Tasking r4.0
It has been tested with:
Green Hills' Multi
Algorithmics' gdb
Cygnus' gdb
Tasking's Crossview
It does NOT support:
Non-ANSI native C compilers
Sun-based tools from MIPS