The h command provides on-line help.


The format for the h command is:

h [*|cmd-]

* provides detailed help on all the commands.
cmd is a command. The Monitor then provides help on the stated command.

If the command is executed without any parameters, then the Monitor lists all the available commands.

Functional Description

The h command provides on-line help. If issued without arguments, all commands are listed. If issued with one or more command names as an option, it produces more detailed help on those commands.

The "*" option produces detailed help on all the commands, using the more command to control output on the screen.

Examples illustrating the use of the h command follow.

h 	on-line help 		hi 	display command history
m 	modify memory 		r 	display/set register 
d 	display memory		l 	list (disassemble) memory
copy 	copy memory		fill	fill memory 
search	search memory		tr 	transparent mode 	
g 	go execute		c	continue execution 
t 	trace (single step)	to 	trace (step over)
b 	set breakpoint(s)	db 	delete breakpoint(s)
load	load from hostport	dump	dump to hostport 
set 	display/set variable	stty	set terminal options
sym 	define symbol		ls	list symbols
flush	flush cache		debug	enter dbx mode
mt 	memory test		call	call function

PMON> h stty 

stty [tty] [-va] [baud] [sane] [term] set terminal options 

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